Which Car Brands Have the Worst Drivers?

Which Car Brands Have the Worst Drivers?

Of all the rules of the road, etiquette is one of the most important, yet most overlooked. Road etiquette reduces the frustration of other drivers and prevents road rage, which in turn, allows everyone to have an enjoyable commute and arrive at their destination safely. In a perfect world, all motorists would practice proper road etiquette. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and not everyone practices etiquette and takes other drivers into consideration when they’re behind the wheel. It’s no secret that some of the worst drivers on the road all own the same car brands. What are they? Read on to learn more!

Which Car Brands Have the Worst Drivers?

There’s no doubt you’ve experienced these self-absorbed, obnoxious – and worst of all, dangerous – drivers yourself. These are the people who drive up behind you, ride up the shoulder to pass you, drive clear across the highway from the left lane at high speeds in order to exit at the last minute, and who make random u-turns whenever and wherever they want.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you could pinpoint those drivers before you encounter them so that you can stay clear as soon as you spot them? Well, good news! You can.

Believe it or not, those super-obnoxious, self-absorbed drivers who think there’s no one else on the road but themselves have a tendency to drive specific car brands. After doing some extensive research, we’ve determined which car brand has the worst drivers. We’re sharing them with you so that you know which car brands to stay far, far away from when you’re out on the road.


It used to be that BMW drivers took first place in the most obnoxious driver awards. However, BMW drivers have recently been replaced by Audi drivers. While Audi drivers may not have the most crashes, they cause the most aggravation and road rage incidents, hands down.

For some reason, Audi drivers tend to have this need to drive up right behind you on the road and tailgate until you move over, even if the lane next to you is wide open and they could easily pass you. We like to think this reckless driving behavior is a case of massive arrogance.


While BMW drivers may have lost their first-place ranking in the worst drivers on the road awards, they still get a spot on the list at number two. In fact, the main reason why BMW drivers have been replaced by Audi drivers is that more people bought Audi than BMW last year. The drop in their rating by no means indicates that they have been working on their road etiquette. In fact, it is still quite common to see BMW drivers zoom down the left lane at over 100 mph, swerve in and out of lanes, and randomly stomp on their brakes just for fun.

Range Rover

Taking up the number three spot on our list of worst drivers on the road is Range Rover drivers. No, we don’t mean those soccer moms or dads who drive along the countryside, toting their children around in style. We’re referring to those who decided that they needed to get a Range Rover as a status symbol on the streets of Manhattan, Houston, Los Angeles, or pretty much any other over-populated city you can think of. Chances are the only time Range Rover drivers have taken their vehicles off-road is when they slammed into the curb while parking.

It’s important to note that these bad drivers are often former Audi or BMW drivers who felt like they needed to upgrade to something bigger, so they could tick more people off.


Next up on our list of car brands with the worst drivers is (shocking, another high-end name-brand) Mercedes. However, we will say that the degree of etiquette drivers of this brand show does tend to vary from region to region. In other words, it really depends on where you’re driving. This will be telling as to what kind of experience you’ll have when you encounter a Mercedes.

From what we can tell, it seems that mature, responsible adults who have families, hold decent jobs, and pay their bills on time are pretty good drivers, as far as road etiquette goes. On the other hand, city dwellers and those who still live in their parents’ houses in hoity-toity neighborhoods tend to be obnoxious and even downright dangerous when they’re behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

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