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Your wheels can get damaged just like any other part of your car. Considering how they’re constantly in contact with the road and support the whole weight of your vehicle, you are bound to see major signs of wear and tear. But sometimes, wheel damage is not always the easiest to spot. It could be that your tires are unevenly worn out or there are some small cracks on your rims which you don’t notice immediately.
Driving with damaged wheels can be a big hazard and can even lead to road accidents. Luckily, wheel remanufacturing is a common service that is offered to help repair any damage that might have been done to your rims and tires. Here are some common problems to look out for.

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Dented or Bent Rims

The rims of your car are incredibly strong because they are made out of durable metals like steel, or aluminum alloy, and chrome. However, rims can get bent if they are hit with enough force or stress. This could happen when driving on an uneven road, going over speed bumps, hitting the curb, or dropping through a pothole. The impact from these collisions is enough to put a dent in any rim.

If the rim is not repaired or replaced, you could experience quite a few problems. While driving, you might feel vibrations or shakiness from the steering wheel or hear somewhat of a thumping sound. This is caused by the dent shaping the wheel unevenly which prevents it from having a balanced distribution when coming into contact with the road.

You might also notice problems with your tire pressure since bent rims can cause air to leak out of the wheel. This can trigger the TPMS light to turn on frequently as well as decrease the fuel efficiency of your car. This can also be coupled with an increased difficulty in steering or handling the vehicle. Many do say that driving with a bent rim feels very similar to driving on a flat tire.

Steel rims usually only need to be repaired if they get dented. On the other hand, aluminum alloy rims need to be replaced since repairing them can weaken the metal.

Cracked Rims

Like most car problems, it’s important that you get this checked immediately. If your rims are cracked, it might feel like your car is pulling more to one side which indicates that something is wrong with your wheels. Its symptoms are quite similar to that of having a bent rim but should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Depending on certain factors, your rim can be either repaired or replaced. Although, it is usually more advisable to have it replaced unless the damage is very minimal. The location of the crack is crucial since it can interfere with the structure of the whole rim. A crack along the inboard or backside can usually be easily repaired. Meanwhile, cracks along the barrel, front face, lug area, or near the base of the spoke mean that your rim has to be replaced.

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Cuts and Punctures

Your tires can be exposed to a number of different objects on the road as well as a variety of road conditions. Your wheels could get slashed by sharp stones, broken glass, rough pavements, or even protruding car parts. Not to mention, nails and screws can punch some pretty bad holes into your tire. Be sure to check on your wheels regularly and watch the road for any jagged objects so your tires don’t hit any objects that can deflate them.

Irregular Tire Wear

Your wheels are bound to get worn out after a bit of driving. This is usually caused by improper wheel alignment and a worn-out suspension, as well as over or under-pressuring of your tires. Tires are an essential part of your car’s wheel because it is the one that makes sure that you have enough traction to safely drive down a road. Irregular tire wear complicates things as these can drastically affect your fuel efficiency and grip in the long run. It also becomes a huge safety hazard if left unnoticed. Always check your tires for signs of uneven wear. Every time you get in or get out of your car, take a peek at your tires when you have the chance. You never know if you’re dealing with irregular tire wear.
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Impact Breaks or Bulges

Impact breaks or bulges at the side of your tire wall are an indication of damage on your tire’s carcass. The carcass is the casing of the tire and is the one that gives it strength. This ensures that your wheels can handle demanding loads that driving can incur. Impact breaks or bulges are quite noticeable so try to look for them. Ignoring these can bring the risk of tire failure.

Impact breaks are caused by running over speed bumps or curbs at incredibly high speeds. causing immense force and pressure to hit your wheels. These can easily be prevented by remembering to drive on curbs or speed bumps at a slow enough speed to reduce the force of the impact.

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