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Is Curb Rash a Big Deal?

Curb rash sounds like a nasty injury to get on the road, and it certainly is. However, curb rash damage is to the vehicle, and not to the driver. Curb rash is one of the most common issues that a car can develop over time. Many drivers start to worry when their car presents signs of curb rash. Drivers want to know, is curb rash a big deal, and how does it impact the car?

Here’s what to know about curb rash and how it can affect the value of your vehicle.

Is Curb Rash a Big Deal?

What is Curb Rash?

Curb rash is a type of vehicle stress that is commonly seen on the front or back bumper of a vehicle. However, damage can also occur to the vehicles wheels, sidewall of your tire, as well as the wheel rim.

Usually, curb rash happens to vehicles that sit low to the ground or in areas with higher curbs. This type of damage takes place as the bumper of the car scrapes against the curb.

Curb rash is usually most common when the driver is trying to park, or driving uphill. Sometimes, this is something that a driver can’t avoid – and not all cars have the advantage of height.

How Common is Curb Rash?

Curb rash is extremely common. The next time you’re on the road or at a parking lot, take a quick look around to see how many of the cars you spot have curb rash.

If your car has developed curb rash, you share a vehicle issue with more than 60 percent of cars on the road. This is especially true in areas where you all drive the same roads or use similar parking spots and vehicles.

What Causes Curb Rash?

Curb rash is mostly caused by abrasion.

What’s called curb rash, typically happens when the bumper of your car scrapes against a raised concrete or asphalt surface. High surfaces and low cars cause curb rash, and the rash is the abrasion of the surface against the the car.

Sometimes, fixing curb rash is a minor repair. In this case, you will be able to fix curb rash with a simple buffing out or repainting of the bumper. It is easiest to fix curb rash if you spot it in the early stages. However, if you still use the exact same road or parking spot, the problem is likely to happen again.

Does Bad Driving Cause Curb Rash?

Bad driving is not the main cause of curb rash. However, reckless driving can make curb rash more likely or more severe.

Curb rash doesn’t always have something to do with the way you drive. Instead, it has everything to do with the road and the height of your vehicle.

If you are a fast or forceful driver, then chances are you are hitting the curb at more speed than the average vehicle. This, combined with the fact that light curb rash is likely in such a situation anyway, could easily cause your car to receive more damage.

If you suspect your car will scrape the surface of anything, the best idea is to drive carefully or find an alternate route.

Is Curb Rash a Big Deal?

Most of the time curb rash isn’t a big deal in terms of the structural integrity of the car, or the way that it drives. However, the severity of the damage will determine whether or not the vehicle needs immediate repairs.

Light curb rash is a small cosmetic flaw in the finish of your car. More severe curb rash can affect the way the wind moves around your car, and actually slow your car down (as well as increase its fuel consumption). In this case, the difference is marginal, and most of the time will not be enough for most drivers to notice.

The biggest problem with curb rash is what it can do to the value of a vehicle. Curb rash means that your car is valued at less than its listed price – the more cosmetic damage to a car, the more the value drops. Curb rash can also affect the possibility of selling the car, and can sometimes even affect your insurance values.

If your car has picked up curb rash and you have any concerns for its long-term value, you might want to contact a local auto repair shop to fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

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