Is Ceramic Coating Worth It On A New Car?

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It On A New Car?

When getting a new car the main thing we want to do is keep it looking as new and clean as possible. Washing the car frequently to maintain this fresh look can become a monotonous chore that not many enjoy. However, with a ceramic car coating, car owners’ lives are a bit easier.

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is sprayed onto the exterior of vehicles to prevent any damage to the paint job. The ceramic paint coating is a clear chemical that creates a thick layer that protects the paint job and blends with the color of the car. Also known as an alternative to wax, ceramic coating’s main goal is to prevent any grime, dirt, and marks from showing on the car’s exterior.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It On A New Car?

Advantages of Ceramic Coatings

UV Rays

Ceramic coating can protect your car from harmful UV rays from the sun. These UV rays can cause damage to the car when spending time in the direct sun and cause discoloration of the paint surface as well. The ceramic coating will assist in the prevention of the oxidizing of the car’s paint which would usually cause the color to fade. Cars that spend most of their time outside will benefit highly from ceramic coatings.

Chemical Pollutants

Chemical pollutants in the air can also cause damage to a car’s paint job. However, ceramic coatings prevent the chemicals in the air from causing damage to the paint job. For car owners in major cities, a ceramic coating will make all the difference in protecting your car as there is a continuous increase in air pollution.

Protective Layer

A ceramic coating requires a large effort to remove it from the car. As a result, there is no concern that the polymer will come off. Because of this design, it repels water and makes it harder for water-based dirt and grime to stick to the surface of the car. Instead, dirt and grime will bead, and can easily be sprayed or washed off with a small amount of water. Ceramic coatings make a huge difference in keeping the exterior of your car looking new and fresh.

Glossy Finish

Ceramic coatings not only protect and blend with the color of the car but will also add to the gloss of the color. For aesthetics, ceramic coatings will add to the look of the car’s color making it another reason that it is popular among car owners.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coatings

There are only two small disadvantages to having a ceramic coating. They’re not really disadvantages, but more so things ceramic coatings cannot do. While the ceramic coating offers good protection to the paint job, it cannot protect it from all types of scratches, swirls, or chips in the paint from debris on the road. Having a ceramic coating does not eliminate the need to wash the car completely either. Although it will cause the water-based dirt or grime to bead, you should still wash your car on a regular basis. The ceramic coating will just make washing the car a little bit easier because of the way in which it repels the dirt or grime.

Yes It Is Worth It

In short, it is definitely worth having professionals apply a ceramic coating to your car. The benefits are plentiful and will add to the protection of your car keeping it looking as good as possible for as long as possible. It makes the maintaining and cleaning of your car an easier task so you can focus on driving and know that your baby is protected.

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Ceramic Coating

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