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Vehicles have different parts which all have their individual functions. All car owners want to make sure that these parts are working properly and doing what they’re supposed too. This is where the Auto Upholstery takes place.

This part of the vehicle is where the seats and interior parts are called, especially the seat, may it be the front or the back seat of the vehicle. The seats are known for being the most common reupholstered part because they are the most used interior part of a vehicle but there are many more of its parts and interiors.

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Different parts of an Auto Upholstery

Our services include variations of repair and replace or customize these Auto Upholstery components.

Interior Carpets

This is the fabric that you always find on the floor of your front seat and at the back or passenger seat as well. This mostly covers the vehicle’s floor to provide comfort and protection of the vehicle’s bare floor and so we are happy to assist you into helping it be replaced or customized into a more stable one but be very careful because any kind of carpet material may get worn out and damaged with unintentional tearing.

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This is the most vital part in a vehicle because this is where the passenger and driver usually sit and be comfortable in. We can help you replace and fix or customize your seats in order to have you be more comfortable in your seats and make it good as new the way you want it to be! The type of material that will be refinished on the seats comes in different varieties; it may be fabric, vinyl, leather and many more! We will be delighted to help you on how you want your seats to be finished and done.

Door Panels

Door panels and interior door panels get used a lot more often like the seats and so it is not unusual for it to become damaged and worn out after many uses. However, do not worry because we will be here to help you solve this issue.

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The headliner of a car is usually the fabric that covers the ceiling of a vehicle and it can be covered in a thick fabric so you may find it getting sagging, rippled or loose if the vehicle itself is old but we can help you with this type of concern and change it to a new one!

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We offer the finest Auto Interior Upholstery Refinishing in Kansas City and give you advice on how to take care of your vehicle as well when we refinish its Interiors and Auto Upholstery. Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.
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