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Drive Fast Auto Body is your go-to Kansas City auto care center for your headlight restoration and protection services. Our restoration process will repair your lights to a new-like condition. Most of today’s vehicles have plastic components over the headlights. Over time these headlight covers can oxidize and turn yellow making it very hard for you to see at night and for other drivers to see you as well. We can restore your vehicles headlights to original condition for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase new ones. Oxidized headlights can be unsafe for night time driving as it degrades visibility as much as 70%. Headlight polishing will remove exterior lens cloudiness/white haze caused by UV exposure, as well as most superficial top-layer scratches and imperfections.

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Headlight Restoration Cost

While there are many ways to do DIY treatments for foggy headlights, they aren’t long-term solutions; most of them only last for around only a month. Using chemicals such as baking soda and vinegar can remove oxidation, but yellowing is still a possibility, so it might be best to seek a professional to restore your headlights.

Headlight restoration has become much more cost-effective than replacing them. Getting new headlights and exterior lights could cost you a pretty penny, costing you anywhere from $150-$1,700 each to replace. Restoration would only cost you an average of $85 and $150 for both, which is significantly cheaper.

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Having your headlights restored will not only maintain your car’s exterior look, but it will also keep you safe, improving your vision for when you drive. In improving your car’s exterior look, the headlights being clear will make it look as good as new since headlights tend to age rapidly due to wear and tear. Getting clearer headlights will allow you to see better, especially in areas with reduced visibility since foggy headlights aren’t something that drivers notice immediately as it happens gradually. As mentioned, replacing your headlights isn’t cheap, so going for restoration instead will be saving you lots of money.

You’ll be thanking yourself when you do so since getting them restored will be much cheaper in comparison to a replacement. This simple action would help you as well in reducing long-term maintenance costs. You’ll be driving economically, safely, and in style.

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