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Make your car shine with Drive Fast Auto Body’s car detailing service in Lee’s Summit, MO. At our Kansas City auto detailing shop, we can polish and buff your car’s paint to a shine. Drive Fast Auto Body uses high quality polishes and waxes to create that show car look. 

We can do the same for your car’s interior too! From cleaning to reconditioning your leather seats or shampooing your vehicle’s floor mats, our exterior and interior detailing department will make your car look like new. Our Kansas City auto detailing center excels in buffing, waxing, clay bar use, leather, carpets and all other special needs.

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KC Auto Detailing Program

Maintain the beauty of your vehicle with our comprehensive Kansas City auto detailing program. Keep your cars paint in top condition with a regular polish and wax. Drive Fast Auto Body can even apply special paint sealants and glazes to guard your paint against sun damage or environmental pollutants.

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Benefits of getting your car detailed

Now, you may be interested in getting your car professionally detailed. Of course, if you’re a car owner, the car’s looks can reflect yourself. Auto detailing is not just purely for aesthetic purposes. It not only enhances and maintains your car’s beauty. There are also a handful of benefits to be had by getting your car detailed.

KC Auto Detailing: Benefits

Benefits of getting your car detailed

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Car Value

Detailing your car sustains and can even increase the value of your car by keeping it in good condition. This is true for most older or classic cars, especially if you’re looking to sell your car in the future. You cannot get the same outcome from car washes. Drive Fast Auto Body, the best auto detailers in KC, will take your car to its original beauty and escalate its resale value.


Wax - Ceramic Coating - Protective Film

As stated a few sections before, detailing also offers protection for your car body. These come in the form of wax, ceramic coating or plastic protective film coating. The application of a protective coating helps prolong your car’s pristine look as well as keep the paint from any kind of damage ranging from scratches, sun damage, and fading. 

If you had your car detailed by a very skilled Kansas City auto detailer using high-quality and top-notch methods, you may not even need to get your car detailed for years. This can also help you save a lot of money in the long run by not requiring an immediate respray or an overhaul of your car’s body.

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