Can a Car Bumper Be Repaired?

Can a Car Bumper Be Repaired?

Out of almost all the different parts that can be found on the average car, the bumper is expected to take the most damage throughout the lifespan of the vehicle. While a car might last ten to twenty years if properly taken care of, almost no driver will boast that their bumper outlasted the rest of the car. What happens when your car bumper has taken a hit – can it be repaired? Keep reading to learn more about bumper replacement and repairs.

Can a Car Bumper Be Repaired?

Here’s your quick guide to what to expect if your bumper has taken damage.

The Fender Bender Described

One of the most common car accident types is better known as the fender bender.

The term fender bender implies that the accident in question only managed to cause harm to the bumper. In most cases involving a fender bender, usually, the rest of the car hasn’t been damaged (or the damage is very slight).

Statistics suggest that every driver will be in at least one fender bender accident during their time on the road. Many times, this accident isn’t even their fault – and instead can be attributed to someone else’s actions on the road.

Can Car Bumpers Be Repaired?

Whether or not a car bumper can be repaired will depend on the amount of damage. If the damage is slight, chances are it will be possible to repair the bumper damage. However, if the damage is severe, there is a better chance that the bumper will have to be completely replaced.

If you have been involved in a car accident or event that led to a damaged bumper, the first thing you should do after swapping insurance info is to get your car to an auto specialist to assess the structural integrity of the bumper.

Car Bumpers Take Damage

Car bumpers can take a lot of damage, though you will only know how severe the damage to your vehicle’s bumper is once an expert is able to assess it.

After an accident, it’s important that none of the parties make assumptions about how severe the damage is. While everyone is still in shock, it can be easy to assume – though only an auto body repair professional can establish the true extent.

Always Get a Second Opinion

The automotive industry is notorious for sharks and charlatans. Many people take their vehicle for an automotive repair or replacement question only to be billed more than the repairs are actually worth. Since most people are not car experts, this is done to their surprise many times.

If you don’t want to be taken advantage of as a car owner with little knowledge of repairs, take a more experienced car owner with you (and/or seek out a second opinion).

If you have more than one quote for auto repairs, you will quickly be able to tell whether the first quote was honest and accurate or not. Just in case, a more experienced car owner can usually help if you aren’t sure yourself.

Always Ask (About Repair)

Unless the damage to your bumper has caused physical, structural cracks to the entire bumper, it’s likely that it can be repaired. Always ask if your bumper can be repaired, even if your auto specialist doesn’t bring it up.

In most cases except for severely damaged bumpers, they can be repaired with no problem at a much lower cost.

Collision Repair

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