KC Auto Frame Repair

Our service is designed for motorists who need assistance after experiencing an accident. As a collision and auto body repair shop in Kansas City, we are ready to help repair the frame of your vehicle.

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About Your Car's Frame or Unibody

Your vehicle’s frame acts as a supportive base where other automotive components attach. Your frame or unibody supports your vehicle’s chassis as well as the weight of passengers and goods. Many automotive components are attached to your frame or unibody.

Frame: In some cars, the frame is separate from the vehicle’s body. Different types of frames exist for different vehicle models and makes, such as C-shape, boxed, and hat. In car construction, the term “body-on-frame” refers to the practice of mounting a vehicle to its frame.

When your car’s frame needs work, it’s important to find the right auto repair team to fix it. Your car’s frame is important for both your safety and the performance of your vehicle. At Drive Fast Auto Body, we understand how to perform auto body work correctly and we have the right tools to perform it.

A Good Computerized Frame Repair Includes:

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